EMERGENCY BE is a BE based organization devoted to the promotion of a culture of solidarity, peace and respect for human rights.
EMERGENCY BE provides support to projects that offer free, high quality medical and surgical treatment for the victims of war and poverty.


Central African Republic

The Central African Republic ranks 180th (out of 186 countries) on the Human Development Index compiled by the UNDP (United Nations' Development Program), with a life expectancy of only 48 years. Infant mortality rate is of 112 deaths every 1,000 live births. In March 2009 EMERGENCY opened a Paediatric Centre in the capital city Bangui in order to provide healthcare to children up to 14 years of age. The Centre also organizes activities of health promotion for families, focusing on the fundamentals of hygiene and nutrition that are essential for children's health.

The Paediatric Centre of Bangui is part of the Regional programme for Paediatrics and Cardiac Surgery that EMERGENCY is promoting in Africa. The programme involves a network of facilities where our international cardiologists carry out the screening of children and adult heart patients for the Salam Centre for cardiac surgery in Sudan and provide the needed postoperative treatment to those who already underwent surgery.
About 80 children and 20 pregnant women are examined every day by the staff of EMERGENCY.

Surgery at Bangui's "Complexe pédiatrique"

Following the coup d'état that took place in late March, since the beginning of April an EMERGENCY team is working at the Complexe pédiatrique (the public paediatrics hospital) in Bangui. After having set two Operating Theatres up and running again, our doctors and nurses worked on war surgery interventions for the first weeks. As the situation in the city seems to be stabilizing and the needs of the population have shifted, our team is now doing emergency surgery - general and orthopaedic.

Medical assistance at Bangui IDP camps

International agencies estimate nearly a million displaced people due to the war in the Central African Republic, out of a population of 4 million and six hundred thousand people.

Our team monitors IDP living and sanitary situation in the Chadian refugee site located nearby the airport and in the PK13 site, an area 13 kilometers from Bangui where many Internally displaced people from nearby villages have gathered, offering basic healthcare and referring to the Paediatric Centre or the Complexe pédiatrique patients who need secondary level treatments.


Opening: March 2009

Outpatient Consultations: 95,404

Admissions: 6,069

Activities: Paediatric Health Care

Capacity: 8 beds

National staff:
 medical 27, non-medical 29

 2 consultation rooms, cardiological consultation room, 8-bed ward, ultrasound and x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, offices and store, waiting area.

Since 2009 EMERGENCY has treated over 121,413 people in Central African Republic.

Data as of December 2013