Recognition Of Our Fight Against Ebola

DSCN9408EMERGENCY has been awarded a special prize by the President of Sierra Leone for its efforts in the fight against Ebola.

We are honoured to receive this prize and we would like to share it with every single one of you who supported us during this long battle. Thank you!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Sierra Leone Ebola-free in November last year. But, this came with the recommendation of a period of high surveillance until the end of
February. This is to make sure that any new cases of Ebola are flagged up and dealt with quickly to prevent a return of the disease.

In the meantime, our work in Sierra Leone continues. The outbreak of Ebola caused an already weak health care system to become weaker still. Late last year, we expanded our programmes in the country, opening a new First Aid Post in Lokomasama. In addition to this, we have been operating our  Surgical Centre and Paediatric Centre centres in Goderich, the capital, since 2001 and 2002 respectively.

But for EMERGENCY, healthcare goes beyond hospitals. For example: through two primary school teachers who come to our centre, we also provide education for children who have to stay in hospital for extended periods of time. The teachers provide education in line with the national curriculum, and this allows children who fall ill to keep up to date with their studies.

To find out more about the background of our work in Sierra Leone, click here.

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