IRAQ: New Temporary Clinic in Ashti Camp

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IRAQ-CAMPO DI ASHTI 1“Once again I’m proud of our team! We’re up and running in the new area of the Ashti camp for Iraqi IDPs in Iraq, and our guard was the first IDP to sleep in this new area.”

“Around 100 families arrive here from the Arbat camp every day, and at last they’ll have a clean, dignified tent spot. The Arbat camp was overcrowded and really muddy. It was never planned; it was just an area “occupied” by the huge numbers of refugees that headed there from Nineveh after Mosul was conquered by the Islamic State. Since 2014, tens of thousands of people have been seeking shelter from the continuous fighting in Syria and Iraq, searching for a safe place.”

“EMERGENCY began offering free medical care straight away and started building five Health Centres in the Kurdistan area. When we were told about the intention to extend the Ashti camp, we set to work at once. The aim was to build a new clinic to guarantee good quality treatment for the 16,000 people who’d be living there. To ensure the necessary care right from the start, we set up our mobile clinic and arranged a specific area with two tents that will act as a clinic for the next three months, until the new Clinic is ready.”

“The tents are fitted out with an area where patients can be examined, an area for the doctors, and a bathroom. There’s also air-conditioning and a shaded outdoor area for those waiting. I want to thank all our staff and all the people who support us: if we’ve managed to set up this project, the credit goes to you as well!”

– Giacomo, EMERGENCY NGO Humanitarian Response Programme Manager in Iraq

For more information about EMERGENCY’s work in Iraq, click here. 

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