AFGHANISTAN: Channel 4 News visit EMERGENCY’s Surgical Centre in Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan

Channel 4 News recently visited our Surgical Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

‘This war is not over. For Bibi, who is 10, life as she knew it is over though. While playing outside her house with her brother and sister last week she stepped on the pressure plate of an improvised bomb which blew off her hands. ‘There was something lying on the ground we didn’t know what it was when we got close it exploded’ she told me. Villagers clubbed together to pay for a taxi to Kabul; a seven hour trip. ‘My brother and sister lost hands and legs too’, she said, ‘they’re in hospital in our hometown’. The children’s ward of Kabul’s EMERGENCY hospital echoes with howls of distress. In Afghanistan there was no mission accomplished. We’ve left and it’s got worse. Last year more civilians were killed or wounded than in any year on record and the numbers are inexorably rising. Surgeons at EMERGENCY’s hospital average sixty operations each week. It’s hardly surprising Afghans want out.’

Find out more about EMERGENCY’s work in Afghanistan.

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