In 2011, as the international forces chose to resort to war in Libya, EMERGENCY strongly opposed the escalation of the conflict, knowing it would only cause more suffering.

After four years Libya is still paying the price of that military intervention: insecurity, fighting, and terror attacks. And, once again, those who suffer the most from this situation are civilians.

Devastated from the fighting, Libya lacks the necessary staff and resources to provide specialised medical and surgical assistance, and some of the most vulnerable people in society – such as children – are particularly affected by this.

A few months ago an EMERGENCY team returned to Libya at the request of the Ministry of Health of the Tobruk government in order to provide support for the civilian victims of the conflict raging between ISIS-affiliated militias and government forces in the areas around Benghazi and Derna.

Yesterday, after weeks of exhausting work, we finished the construction of the hospital and opened the new Surgical Centre in Libya.

In order to maintain our neutrality, during the past few months we have also been in contact with the authorities in Zintane and Misrata and we have provided them with medical supplies as they requested.

In our hospitals, we witness first hand what choosing war over peace really means and how much suffering and injustice it brings.

We are now back in Libya‬, providing medical and surgical treatment to the victims of war.

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