EMERGENCY UK strongly condemns the decision of the House of Commons authorising bombing raids on Syria. 

For over 20 years we at EMERGENCY have treated the victims of conflict around the world. We have witnessed first hand the senseless violence, suffering and long-term effects that war brings. The highest price is paid by the most vulnerable. In our war surgery hospitals 90% of patients are civilians, with one out of three a child.

For almost five years the people of Syria have suffered from a brutal civil war. We strongly believe the House of Commons’ decision to bomb will add to the suffering of Syrian people the cost of further innocent lives.

The past fifteen years have proven that war has not been the answer to terror nor it has made the world any safer: on the contrary, it has worsened the situation.

War, in all of its forms, is the single and most aberrant, widespread and persistent violation of human rights.

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