Get Involved

Get involved with EMERGENCY by volunteering, fundraising, becoming a partner business, or working in the field as a surgical or medical healthcare professional

Since it was founded in 1994, EMERGENCY has treated more than 7 million people around the world. This was only possible with the help of volunteers who gave us their time and skills, healthcare professionals who worked with us in the field, and all the private individuals, companies and organisations who kindly donated funds to our projects. There are lots of different ways you can get involved. You can make a donation, or join our group of volunteers. We are also looking for healthcare professionals to work with us in our projects overseas.

Your efforts will contribute to EMERGENCY’s work of providing free, high quality medical and surgical care to the victims of war, landmines and poverty. By fundraising for EMERGENCY and spreading its faith in peace, you will help save lives, delivering healthcare to those who would otherwise have no access to it while contributing to the creation of a world with more equality, more rights and without wars.

If you’d like to get involved, please select one of the categories from the menu.