Work In The Field

Recruitment is an integral part of EMERGENCY Belgium’s activities. By working with EMERGENCY you will provide specialised, free-of-charge medical and surgical assistance to the victims of war, landmines, and poverty. Beyond offering their professional expertise in daily work, international healthcare workers provide on-the-job training and supervision to the national staff. This is a vital component of EMERGENCY’s capacity building work.
We are always looking for qualified medical, surgical and healthcare personnel, as well as technicians, administrators and logisticians with expertise in managing health projects. 
We are not only looking for experience, balance, humanity and professional competence, but also strong motivation, availability to spend long periods abroad and the ability to adapt to the working and security protocols established by the organisation.
We are also seeking to work in collaboration with universities, schools of medical specialisation, scientific societies, professional associations and foundations interested in contributing to clinical activity, research, data collection, or in the direct involvement of expert or resident medical staff (resident physicians in Medicine, Surgery and Clinical Services).


People who work with EMERGENCY:

  • share our mission and work towards achieving its objectives;
  • have relevant professional experience, above all in hospital settings;
  • are available for an overseas mission, usually of at least 6 months;
  • work as part of a highly specialised international team, supervising and contributing to the training of the local staff colleagues;
  • have a good level of English and/or French.

EMERGENCY also requires that all personnel:

  • respect the safety rules established by the organisation, designed to protect both the individual and the project as a whole;
  • be autonomous, flexible and capable of managing stressful situations;
  • work in accordance with the organisation’s standardised clinical and operational protocols;
  • behave in an open and cooperative way, both towards the work of the team and in other areas of community life;
  • have good communication skills and a positive attitude towards training;
  • respect and take an interest in the local culture and traditions.

EMERGENCY contracts include:

  • monthly salary based on a standardised salary scale for the role;
  • incentives for successive or long duration missions;
  • travel expenses, board and lodgings;
  • insurance cover (liability, health and accident insurance);
  • a period of paid leave to be taken at the end of the mission.

It will usually be necessary to ask your employer for a period of unpaid leave in order to undertake a mission.


The selection process begins with an initial evaluation of applications. It’s important to attach a complete CV which includes qualifications and other training, professional responsibilities, most recent positions held, etc.

After this first screening, candidates will usually be asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire to assess whether their professional profile corresponds with the role we are seeking to fill.

If the outcome is positive, you will be invited for one or more interviews by the Human Resources Department and a specialist in the sector relevant to the role. The primary objective of this process is to better evaluate the professional experience and aptitude of individual candidates to cover a specific role, but is also an opportunity for EMERGENCY to present the rationale, objectives and clinical results of our work to specialists in the sector.

Once selected, you will join the pool of personnel suitable to work with EMERGENCY in a specific role: the organisation will offer you a mission based on the needs of the projects. If you accept the offer, arrangements for your pre-mission briefings will be agreed with you.

To apply

If you are interested in working with EMERGENCY in a medical capacity and you fulfil the general and specific requirements set out on the website, please send your CV (specifying in the subject which position you are applying for) to:

During the selection process you will be evaluated on the basis of your CV, questionnaire, references and individual interview.


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