With temperatures below 10°, this is one of the hardest winters in ‪#‎Sudan ‬for the last thirty years. For us, 10° in the middle of winter might seem mild; for a country where the temperature is between 40°C and 50°C for six months a year though, this is really cold, especially for the poorest people living in huts built with bits of sheet metal, wood and fabric – more suitable as protection against the heat rather than the cold. And, in fact,our Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan has seen a major increase in patients suffering from respiratory problems.

One of the many children we’ve treated was six-year old Raheel who, once she’d recovered, just wanted to go on being photographed forever! She was with us for eight days: as she’s asthmatic, her condition was more serious and she needed not only antibiotic treatment but also oxygen, an aerosol with bronchodilatators and intravenous cortisone.

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