Where We Work

EMERGENCY's Primary Health Clinic in Arbat Refugee Camp, Iraq. ©Dario Bosio

Where We Work

EMERGENCY provides free, high quality surgical and medical care for victims of war, poverty, and landmines. Since 1994, we have built hospitals, surgical centres, rehabilitation centres, paediatric clinics, first aid posts, primary health clinics, a maternity centre, and a centre for cardiac surgery. We have also helped to renovate and re-equip pre-existing heath facilities. EMERGENCY’s programmes are sustainable, and empower the communities they serve. That’s why we train local people to become doctors, nurses, and midwifes. Once they are able to run the facilities alone, we hand them over to local health authorities.

At present, EMERGENCY has active programmes in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Italy. EMERGENCY has completed programmes in Algeria, Angola, Eritrea, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Serbia Sri Lanka and the Occupied Territory of Palestine, Cambodia and Libya.

Since 1994, we have treated over 7 million people around the world. That’s one patient, every two minutes, for over 22 years.