First Aid Posts and Primary Health Clinics

1 in 3 of our patients is a child.

Our projects in Afghanistan

 faps in text 3 Due to the lack of healthcare facilities and hazardous road conditions, hundreds of thousands of people living in remote areas in Afghanistan are denied the right to be cured. Since 1999, EMERGENCY established a network of 40 First Aid Posts (FAPs) and Primary Health Clinics (PHCs) in order to provide prompt treatment also to the population of the most remote areas or to zones lacking healthcare facilities, such as the Panjshir Valley and the Salang pass, together with some areas around Kabul and in the provinces of Kabul, Kapisa, Logar, Ghazni, Parwan, Badakhshan and Helmand.

Local staff trained by EMERGENCY provide basic healthcare, first aid, and the referral of patients in serious conditions to EMERGENCY’s hospitals by an ambulance service which operates 24/7.

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