Other Projects

EMERGENCY's approach to healthcare goes beyond just treatment.

Our projects in Afghanistan

other projects in text 1EMERGENCY’s presence in Afghanistan has enabled it to gain an understanding of needs of local populations and often, following specific requests made by local authorities, EMERGENCY’s activities in Afghanistan have widened. The needs of local people led EMERGENCY to work also in areas that are not strictly connected to war surgery. There has been, among other things, a project for the prevention of leishmaniasis (an infectious disease), another to renovate a school in Anabah, a renovation project for the Mirbachakot public gardens, and a social support programme for widows in the Panjshir Valley.

Since 2000, EMERGENCY has been running a programme of medical assistance to prisoners by setting up outpatient clinics within prisons. EMERGENCY’s nurses provide basic medical treatment and guarantee the referral of surgical cases to EMERGENCY’s Kabul Surgical Centre.