Mayo Paediatric Centre

1 in 3 of our patients is a child.

Our projects in Sudan

The Mayo refugee camp, on the outskirts of Khartoum, was opened twenty years ago for refugees of the war between Sudan and South Sudan. Over the years, with the arrival of refugees from Darfur, the camp has expanded and is now home to 400,000 people who live in conditions of basic survival.

The only health facility providing free treatment for the population is EMERGENCY’s paediatric centre, opened in December 2005 in the Angola area.

Every day, around a hundred mothers and children come to the Centre: the EMERGENCY staff perform a triage to understand which patients need to be examined first. Children in a critical condition are hospitalised for daily observation in a 6-bed ward. The most serious are transferred by ambulance to public hospitals, where we continue to monitor their conditions until they are discharged.

At the Centre, we provide antenatal care, while workers from the local Ministry of Health perform the necessary vaccinations.

To help as many children as possible, our doctors, nurses and health promoters organise health education courses, screening sessions for malnutrition, monitoring for pregnant women and vaccination programmes in different areas of the camp. EMERGENCY extended its preventive medicine work with the project “Community participation to strengthen basic maternal and paediatric health services in Mayo IDP camp”, co-financed by the European Union – EU Delegation to Sudan – in partnership with the Ministry of Health of the state of Khartoum. The project concluded in 2014. Our staff trained 47 camp inhabitants to be “volunteer sentries” for the identification of the sick children in their communities.