Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac surgery for patients from around the world, within award winning architecture.

Our projects in Sudan

The Salam Centre is the one of the few cardiac surgery hospitals in Africa providing highly specialised, free treatment to patients suffering from acquired and congenital cardiovascular diseases. In October 2014, the underground areas of the Salam Centre were damaged in a fire: luckily, no-one was involved in the incident, but because of renovation work, we had to stop operating until the end of the year. Our staff continued to provide cardiological examinations for follow up patients that had already been operated on.

The Salam Centre is linked to a network of EMERGENCY paediatric centres where our cardiologists screen children and adults with heart conditions, identifying those who need to be operated on in Khartoum and providing all the necessary post-op care. Where there is no EMERGENCY facility, we organise screening sessions in local hospitals in collaboration with the health authorities of the host country.

To date, the Salam Centre has treated patients from 25 different countries – not only African countries – as part of the African Network of Medical Excellence (ANME). Guest rooms provide free accommodation for foreign patients and their relatives throughout their convalescence.

The Salam Centre has won numerous architecture awards, including the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture, for innovative buildings that combine architectural excellence with a positive impact on the quality of life of the surrounding communities.