What does EMERGENCY do?

EMERGENCY provides free, high quality healthcare for victims of war, poverty, and landmines. We do this by building and running hospitals, and training local doctors and nurses. Since 1994, we have treated over 7 million people around the world. That’s one patient, every two minutes, for over 23 years. In that time we have worked in 16 countries, and currently operate in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Sudan, and Italy.

About: EMERGENCY staff examine an X-RayOur Vision

We believe that everyone should have access to free, high quality healthcare. We are also committed to promoting a culture of peace and respect for human rights.
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About: EMERGENCYs hospitals are strictly weapon free zones

How We Work

EMERGENCY doesn’t only provide surgical and medical care. We also build hospitals, and train local doctors and nurses to work in them. We want to help to develop healthcare systems that will be around once we’re not.
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About: A young patient in an EMERGENCY hospital

Our Impact

Nothing demonstrates our impact better than our patients’ and national staff member’s stories.
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Activity Report

Every year EMERGENCY publishes an Activity Report on its humanitarian programmes. The report includes a summary of the missions, and detailed country-specific programme updates.
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EMERGENCY Belgium, opened in 2013, is the Belgian affiliate of EMERGENCY NGO. EMERGENCY Belgium supports EMERGENCY through advocacy, fundraising, and recruitment of medical staff.
EMERGENCY also has international affiliates in the USA, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.