Volunteer with EMERGENCY Belgium and help provide care to victims of war and poverty

We have treated many – far too many – people at EMERGENCY’s centres throughout the world. At every single patient’s side there has been a doctor, a nurse and a mediator ready to give help, a smile and a kind word. And at the side of each and every one of them there have been EMERGENCY volunteers, making all of this possible.

If you would like to become a volunteer at EMERGENCY Belgium and donate your skills and a little bit of your time to help our us continuing our work you can join our local Volunteers Group group or looking aftercreate your own.


EMERGENCY Belgium Volunteers Group started unofficially when a group of friends met up for coffee in 2010. Indeed, it was a very ordinary gathering of people who found the cause of EMERGENCY compelling; something worth spending time for.

During the years, more than 150 friends joined the activities of the Brussels Volunteers Group. Each of them provided their little contribution, in various forms: time, skills, donations and networking. This resulted in a series of conferences, gigs, and social events being organised and successfully held.

The outcome for our activities made a difference for EMERGENCY’s patients, financing projects especially in the Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

What we do

EMERGENCY Belgium Volunteers Group organises fundraising events, talks and stalls at concert, and cultural events.

Some of our initiatives:

  • EMERGENCY Belgium annual event;
  • Stalls at gigs and cultural events;
  • Art craft handmade creations from Sierra Leone to be sold at stalls;
  • Various sport events;
  • Bake sales

The Volunteers Group meets every six weeks (unless it clashes with Bank Holiday weekends) – at 7:00pm at EMERGENCY Belgium office:

Rue de la science, 14b
1040 – Brussels

Additionally, volunteers chose which sub-group they want to be part of (events, communications or stock and financial management) and meet monthly to concretely discuss the activities to be carried out and the division of tasks.

Would you like to join us?

We are always looking for new supporters and ideas. If you are looking for a way to use your skills in the voluntary sector, you want to meet new people and make rewarding experiences while supporting the right to health across the world, become an EMERGENCY Belgium volunteer!

For more information, please contact us at: